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Episode 44 – Secret Writers

Such a powerful technique in mentalism is often left in a drawer to gather dust due to inexperience or fear of being caught; of course I am referring to secret writers. In this episode I share my favourite secret writers with you and also explain how to use them in a way that takes the heat away from the ‘hot’ moment.

In this episode Daniel from the United States wants me to talk more about the secret writers that I prefer and why. He would also like me to share some general thoughts about secrets writers along with some tips.

If you are new to secret writing then I recommend the following resources that will give you a solid working knowledge, also, take a look at two very usable secret writers:

‘13 Steps to Mentalism’ by Corinda

‘Nail Writer Anthology’ by Thomas Baxter

‘Bug Writer’ by Vernet

‘Thumb Tip Type (Grease Marker)’ by Vernet

Extra Content – Getting Into Shape

Quite possibly the easiest secret writer effect you will ever come across, requiring just a single undetectable move, even for those who are new to secret writing. Originally a part of ‘The Book Of Lies’ this effect has been made available to the listeners of my podcast in order to get them excited about a powerful tool that probably just sits in their drawer gathering dust.

For only £7 you instantly get the 3 page PDF document explaining the secret of this simple yet powerful effect that gives you two moments of amazement for one piece of effort.

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  1. Paul Brook December 6, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    What type of secret writer do you prefer? More importantly, why?

    1. sarvavit December 21, 2017 at 1:48 am

      I tend to prefer band writers. Easy to get on and off and stable. IMO the best band writers are Cbring writers by Andreas Sebring of Metal Writing. They are stable, the lead/listo is perfectly placed, and they’re made out of steel so they’re durable and easy to use with a magnetic hold out. He has this super nifty little box that has a spring lid and a little hole with a magnet inside. So you stick your thumb in to get the writer on, or back in to get it off. It’s really amazing.

      For very closeup situations, I like the Vernet band writer. The Cbring is better for control and lead placement, but the Vernet band writer is a shade of plastic that is much more invisible on my thumb.

  2. Daniel Rodriguez Martinez December 8, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Hi Paul, great episode.
    I use for stage/parlor work a grease TT vernet writer, basically for the ease of loading and unloading, I use it for a chair test routine, which further more shows the applicability of this miracle device, Corinda said it, any effect you can image could theoretically be performed with a Swami.

    For closeup I used to use a pencil BAND writer also from vernet, you didn’t mention those, I will explai; why I prefer it. My thumbs are on the skinny side and in order t9 get a good fit on a TT I have to add layers to the opening so it fits snugly, the band writer can easily be altered with just some scissors and silicone gun to get the perfect fit, also, For me, the handling of a Band writer is closer to a boon rather than a TT, also it is “smaller” than a TT for closeup.

    The “pencil”argument never seemed to bother me, but If anyone else has ever performed walkaround in a drinking event, the lighting is usually subpar. That is why Ive been using a supersharpie for about 2 months, I haven’t have any explosions yet, but the odd black smudge on the thumb IS an ocurrence. I belive I will try some transparent Glue dots over the black tack suplied and experiment.

    After the podcast and your experience with the supersharpie I bought a Vernet sharpie bug writer. All the reviews I read said smudging was never an issue so I will test it.

    Regarding effects Ive been trying around an idea of Max Maven, where you have the receipt for your groceries and you explain that sice you usually forget at least 1 of the things you regularly buy you take the receipt with you and you mark the item you Can not forget, you then ask the spectator if there is anything he usually forgets when getting groceries, he says “milk” you hand over the receipt and milk is the only checked item in the receipt.

    I love secret writers, soma question back to you, Have you thought about using a secret writer to print anything other than visible ink? (Glue, wax, a scent, texture) imagine a grease TT with roughing stick, impromptu rough and smooth with borowed deck?

  3. danster08 December 12, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Thank you Paul for answering my question. I am in the position now, that you mentioned where I have only ever tried an under nail writer. And I was underwhelmed to say the least. I am excited to try out some of the others you mention. I plan to get a boon style and a TT style just to try them out and to have a backup.

    I have been doing some research and have found a lot of good reviews on the Jerry Somerdin boon writer. Are you familiar with this one? If so, do you have any thoughts on it? For the price, it sounds too good to be true, but many folks on the forums have listed it as their favorite. It cost only about $14 (USD).

    Does anyone else have any favorites that were not mentioned?

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