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Good Vibrations

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A spectator chooses a card randomly out of a deck of cards that has just been shuffled and inspected by one or more spectators. Without looking at the card and also making sure that no-one else can see the card it is placed into one envelope and sealed, and then placed into a second envelope and sealed.

After feeling the “energy” of the card through the envelopes (without ever touching them) the mentalist asks the audience members to think of a card and lock it into their minds. The mentalist walks through the audience with a hand stretched out and attempts to pick up the same vibrations emanating from the audience members minds as that of the selected card.

Some Things To Keep In Mind:

  •    Contains expert psychological principles and techniques
  •    No Stacked Deck/Memorised Deck
  •    No Gimmicked Envelopes
  •    The cards can be thoroughly shuffled, time and time again
  •    The cards and envelopes can be fully inspected
  •   The volunteer has complete freedom of card selection and handles the cards when selecting
  •    No Stooges are used
  •    Very Strong & a ‘Magician Fooler’

This effect is best suited to stage work, and can be performed with groups.

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No Gimmicks, Full Scripting, Audience Control


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6 reviews for "Good Vibrations"

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    I have spent over a year developing a show that has yet to be performed because I’m still putting the finishing touches on its development. I have tried to make effects segue smoothly into each other. I have used dramatic structure to create rising action, build tension, and then peak at the climax with a brief dénouement at the end. But now I’m thinking I might throw all of that in the trash and just do one effect: Good Vibrations. That’s how strongly I love this effect. It has everything I’m looking for and accomplishes it so well.

    Whether you love or hate Shakespeare, he was one of the world’s most brilliant playwrights and really knew how to craft a story. I’m starting to believe that Paul is the Shakespeare of Mentalism. I can’t wait to see his next offering.

  2. :

    The effect is strong, the methods are simple and should provide no trouble to any reasonably experience magician/mentalist.

    There are so many good pieces of information within the book that even if you never have a chance to play such scenarios the book still provides ample thoughts and information to help you develop your mentalism routines to a higher level.

    This is a good and valuable addition to my library, and I would have no problem using this on the stage at my next available opportunity.

  3. :

    After reading through the effect a 2-3 times, the full, astonishing impact of what is being achieved here hits you.

    Mentalism tends to be a very personal thing which it can
    be difficult for those not participating in the audience to feel a little left out. This effect blows that theory out of the water and makes everyone feel a connection with the effect.

    I am very, very impressed.

  4. :

    The effect is very powerful.

    As it will be remembered, members of the audience were reading the thoughts of others. The thoughts were, of course, predicted. The prediction was not, however, made by the performer, but by another member of the audience.

    I had not previously seen your name mentioned or your material published, so was (hopefully understandably) rather apprehensive when ordering the first book. After reading through and performing both of your books for separate audiences and individuals, I am eagerly awaiting your next publication.

    Good Vibrations is, in a word, brilliant.

  5. :

    First of all, I love psychology behind mentalism effects. Paul has a great knowledge of psychology and it shows in his effects; not only in the Brook Test, but even more in Good Vibrations.

    But this is not all. Paul explains in detail the psychology that is used here. The principles used here are simple ones, standards in the art of mentalism. It is the combination of these principles that makes the effect work in dynamite.

    Paul knows the power of words, and he used this knowledge to make this effect work.

    Brilliant, simply brilliant. Buy it….

  6. :

    This is a great effect for the stage performer.

    The Psychology and thought process that Paul has put into this effect is significant and extremely useful. There are many lessons in how you should think through a situation and as a direct result I have certainly learnt things already.

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