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You are stood between two people who are either good friends, or in a relationship. In this instance it is a man and woman who are married.

The man is given a business card and asked to think of any two digit number and to secretly write it on the business card, but not to show anyone.

His wife also has a business card containing around forty numbers written on the back. She is asked to select any four of the numbers and add them up, silently.

On the click of your fingers both parties will name the number he and she is thinking of.

A few moments pass.

You click your fingers.

Man and Wife both shout out “eighty three” at the same time!

Both are utterly shocked beyond speech.

Not only that, but as a meaningful keepsake the man can keep his card, and the woman can keeps hers.

But is it a mystical connection, or a sharing of their psychologies!

Not a bad effect for two business cards and a marker pen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While the effect is so easy an almost blind mouse could do it, it does require knowledge of some very simple mentalism techniques.

What You Get:

 E-Book – A 38 page E-Book containing the secret to the effect, scripted routine, along with tried and tested subtleties.


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Impromptu, Pocket Mentalism, Interactive Fun

8 reviews for "Juxtapose"

  1. :

    Paul, you’ve slammed one out of the park with this one!

    I love it, I’ll use it (immediately) and I cannot say enough good things about “Juxtapose.”

    It’s Perfect!

  2. :

    You have created a fucking genius bit of mentalism! I’d use this. Not often I say that.

    Also terrific insight into to reasons people actually keep business cards.

    This f**king rocks!

  3. :

    This is a great piece of emotionally significant mentalism, that audiences will long remember.

  4. :

    F**k! Is there no end to your genius! Stunning effect and method.

  5. :

    This is possibly the best walk around pocket mentalism effect I have ever seen on many levels, the b*st*rds won’t know what’s hit em!

  6. :

    B*ST*RD!!!! B*ST*RD!!!

    Paul Brook has gotten some sort of information from the future. There is no way that one man can come up with such brilliant presentations and then follow them up with fantastic methods!

    How is he doing this!?

    Someone answer this before it kills me!

    Once again Paul has put out an effect that not only is commercial in presentation, but so easy to do that it hurts. On top of all that he has combined two ideas that have been around for ages yet no one has put them together in this way.

    He has put peanut butter in his chocolate!! And it tastes GOOD!!!

    This is a wonderful effect that you can carry around and do anywhere. This is a winner and one that many will add to their mental arsenal of things that are amazing to do… on the spot… no equivoque… no dual reality… no nailwriting… No sh*t!!! Damn, this guy is good!!!

  7. :

    This was my introduction to the mind of Paul Brook. It was the very first manuscript I bought.

    I read it and I was amazed. The manuscript is well written. Paul has a gift explaining mentalism. He is not satisfied with effect then method. He dissects every piece. This not only shows how much he performed it, but it also shows that Paul cares for his effects.

    He provides a plethora of subtleties that make this effect even more amazing.

    I know it is amazing because I have used it on multiple occasions. And it kills. It has a powerful emotional hook and it can be done for two people or for two thousand.

    Great work!

  8. :

    This is my go to effect if I want to create an emotional connection between Three people

    Three you said?

    well after performing this for oh so long, I manage to create another phase for this

    let me tell you this, Paul phase where you ask both people to hold each other gaze and in the count of three name their “thought of” number out loud is one of the “creme de la crope” from this piece

    never fail to create Moments of shock and laughter between two people

    I always wanted to perform some type of “Aniversary Waltz” effect that still within the scope of Mentalism, well this is it

    I always load my wallet with Paul “Juxtaposed”
    simply brilliant piece of thinking


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