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Locked In Thought

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A simple padlock is removed from your key chain; it is the kind that is so often used for gym lockers these days. It can be fully inspected and even a master locksmith would not find any ‘foul play’.

Yet, you are able to perform amazing feats with this ‘invisible’ prop.


A person you are with resets the lock to a three digit number of her choosing, and then she locks the lock. All this is done with your back turned and without peeking.

The dials are thoroughly mixed and the lock is set down upon the table.

You ask the person to think of one of the numbers and through various ‘tells’, etc. you are able to name the number she is thinking of. This number is placed into the lock and the process is repeated three more times, until all of the numbers have been entered.

Not only does the lock open, but when the lock is turned around it is set to the selected numbers, and when the lock is checked it will only open at the selected three digit number.

With A Group

One person in the group is asked to set the combination lock to a unique three digit number and to keep it secret.

Now the lock is passed amongst the rest of the group who can fully inspect and turn the dials; making sure it doesn’t just open on any number. After the lock has been passed amongst the group, another person is selected to hold the lock.

The performer now asks the first person to think of his selected number. Whilst the second person is holding the padlock on the other side of the room, the performer ‘reads’ the first person’s mind. The performer then calls over to the person holding the lock and tells that person to place three numbers into the lock, by holding up fingers.

Once the numbers are placed within the lock, the person proclaims that the lock has indeed now opened. The lock is shown to the person who set the code, and they confirm that it is the number they were thinking of!

This effect can be performed anywhere, anytime, with any person!

No stooges, pre-show work, or writing down required!

What You Get:

Special Padlock – One padlock that that will enable you to perform these amazing effects.

 E-Book – A 40 page E-Book containing the secret to the effect, scripted routines, along with tried and tested subtleties.

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6 reviews for "Locked In Thought"

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    Okay – I’ve been out with a couple of journalists and I tried it out… and there IS a problem.

    They were so fascinated with the demonstration and the fact that the same technique could be used to ascertain bank pin numbers that it was all they wanted to talk about, rather than the theatre show I have coming up and my incredibly fascinating life and loves!

  2. :


    I wasn’t sure what to expect at all with this at all, but the thinking behind it is wonderful! You can guarantee that if you ever see me perform ‘impromptu’ this will be one of the things I would do! It’s so simple that you can just fully focus on the presentation.

    One of the most impressive things I’ve learnt! There are few people I will learn techniques from then go out and apply their thinking to my own work. Paul is definitely one of those guys. He’s very switched on and I like his unique approach!

  3. :

    Just wanted to join the chorus of praise for this product. Superb. I have been playing around with this just for the last day and a half and absolutely love it. I was training a pro magician today and had him totally foxed with it as well as anyone else who has crossed my path. Yes it is a lock but trust me if you have reservations that it is gimmicky or too much like magic, it is not. This is a super strong mind reading effect.

    The spectator not only resets the lock and locks it. They can also spin the wheels and can be the person who then opens the lock as you reveal their number.

    Having now taken the time to read Paul’s accompanying document with routines, hints and tips I am so grateful that he has put this out. The group routine is superb and I don’t think I will be leaving home without it.

  4. :

    Locked In Thought uses a small 3 digit code lock, and relies on a principle drawn in from a completely different discipline of magic to turn a simple lock into a very straightforward (and adaptable) piece of mentalism. Paul is carving out a niche as a pocket mentalism guy, filling our jackets with close-up mentalism effects to pull out at the drop of a hat.

    It passes the invisibility test with flying colours. Specs can examine the lock all day long and they will find nothing out of the ordinary. And the effect looks in no way different to how it would appear if it were genuine.

  5. :

    Folks this is a keeper, clean quick and effective. Nice bit of pocket mentalism that can be played many different ways.

    Thank you Paul for providing us with some very remarkable products. And thank you for your awesome customer service.

  6. :

    Of all Paul Brook’s releases, this is the one that I have performed the most. It is ALWAYS on my keychain. At a moment’s notice, I am bound to perform it. In a close-up set, it is part of the act.

    It is very flexible. I have used it as direct mind reading and I even used it in a ‘spectator as mindreader’ type effect.

    The lock is top notch. It can be safely examined and scrutinized by spectators and there is nothing to find. Guess why? Because there is nothing to find.

    The beauty of this piece is that the more the lock is used, the more generic it looks.

    It is my favorite Paul Brook release simply because I have used it the most.

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