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You Know Who Card

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A single card is removed from the wallet of the performer.

The card contains five Polaroid photographs each of a different person; their faces have been blacked out. One of these five people has committed a bank robbery.

Is it possible for your volunteer to correctly name the culprit?

Could they be influenced to select the criminal?

The volunteer is asked to look over the five suspects and name the guilty party. This is a 100% free choice and no equivoque or verbal subterfuge is used in this truly free selection.

Once the selection is made the performer smiles wryly and proceeds to proves that the selected person is in fact the robber.

Besides proving that the volunteer is correct, the performer can also explain exactly how the volunteer was influenced in his/her choice!

This effect is an ideal way to explain the power/process of influence.

Works 100% of the time!

No other objects are needed other than the You Know Who card.

A very strong piece of mentalism that you can carry EVERYWHERE!

What You Get:

You Know Who Card – One You Know Who card professionally printed on quality thick card stock and extra matt finish for further protection.

The card is around the size of a standard credit card.

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6 reviews for "You Know Who Card"

  1. :

    I really like this.

    I mean, I REALLY like this.

    A wee card in my pocket,”What do you do” somebody asks, and you demonstrate, beyond all question, that they are influenced without being aware that they are.

    Not only do they select something, but you can clearly demonstrate HOW they were subliminally influenced to do so.

    Just get it!

  2. :

    This is a nicely designed piece of pocket mentalism. It is self contained and covers all possible outcomes of performance.

    I have just returned from a Walk around job in which I performed this 3 times to 3 different groups. I presented it as a test of Perception and I can safely say that each time the reactions I received were very good. The audience bought into the premise of the test/game and could clearly understand how their perception was influenced by the cards design.

    This works and it does what it was set out to do, you cant ask for anything more, as a result Paul has created a very usable piece of modern walk around mentalism.

    I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who actually goes out and does this for a living, to get one of these, stick it in your wallet and use it in your next gig.

    Congratulations Paul on a job well done.

  3. :

    I got this, and it really is a lovely, lovely piece of pocket mentalism.

    Great work Paul!

  4. :

    This is a very nice piece of one-on-one mentalism that can be demonstrated anywhere at any place.

    A lovely way to demonstrate to an interested spectator how easily people can be influenced without being aware of it.

  5. :

    I have used this extensively. Pocket mentalism has a special place in my walkaround set and my daily life.

    The You Know Who Card is great intro to the realm of psychology and mentalism.

    This is not groundbreaking but it is a powerful demonstration nonetheless.

  6. (verified owner):

    Concept is quite good but for the price the quality of the card is poor.

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