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Cool Beans

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‘Cool Beans’ is a set of five seemingly real coffee shop stamp cards and a special hidden crib card that will have you performing this effect right out of the box.

With these cards you will be able to have a participant select any card and tell the person which card has been selected. This can be done in three different ways, allowing you to repeatedly fool the same person again and again, or to perform the method that you are most comfortable with in any given situation.

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The key to any invisible prop is to make it appear like the genuine article. For this reason the ‘Cool Beans’ cards have been printed using different card stock and styles, as you would expect to get from five unconnected coffee establishments. Each card has been hand stamped with a bespoke stamp for each card adding to the apparent authenticity of them.

Instructional Video and PDF:

Alongside these coffee shop props you will also receive an instructional video and PDF that will:

  • Explain all of the secrets hidden within the props
  • Show you how to tell which coffee shop card someone is thinking of
  • Explain how it is possible to force numbers using these cards
  • Take you through the process of getting two people to have a moment of synchronicity
  • Share additional bonus material that takes ‘Cool Beans’ far beyond the scope of what has been mentioned
  • Explain subtleties and techniques that will see you performing the different aspects of  ‘Cool Beans’ within hours or less


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Physical Prop + Instructional Video + PDF eBook


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Invisible Prop, Always With You, Multiple Effects

2 reviews for "Cool Beans"

  1. :

    This is without a doubt one of the only mentalism effect it makes sense to keep in your wallet!

    The premise is direct, the props are deviously simple and the methods are not only achievable they’re fun to use.

    There are so many different avenues you can go down it’s impossible not to be impressed by what paul has managed to squeeze into such a small space.

  2. :

    Love it, love it, love it!

    This isn’t a detailed review of the product as I simply don’t have the time, being a full-time carer for my wife. Hopefully this brief insight will help those that read it.

    Another great product from Paul Brook. Being the parky so n so that I am, I want minimal amounts of stuff on my person when performing but it MUST be high impact and impressive material. Like Paul’s Loyalty tags, this fits the bill for me. Purchased at the 4MINDS convention, these little beauties went straight into my wallet and they are ageing up nicely. The cards look like standard loyalty cards and the fact they are starting to look like the genuine ones already in my wallet leaves me with no surprise when people take them at face value.

    As with everything Paul releases, the PDF and video instructions are clear and concise. I’ve yet to come up with a question Paul hasn’t already covered in the FAQ sections that appear on/in all his products. I’m not saying it’s impossible but he seems to cover a heck of a lot.

    I have performed this with great success in several scenarios, e.g. on the spot, do something magic please aka dance monkey dance, at the counter of a local real ale pub when I offered the wrong card several times for a stamp towards my free pint of real ale (I ended up getting a free pint without completing the card) and the usual, let’s try an experiment style performance, you know, with family and friends. They weren’t the experiment I hasten to add. although, looking at some of my family members, Dr Frankenstein has a lot to answer for!!

    All in all, yet another great product.

    Nice one Paul.

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