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Imagine having a collection of business cards that were all different and that would allow you to force any sort of information you want.

Now, imagine being able to follow-up that force with an one of these optional effects; a famous name revelation, another drawing duplication, direct mind reading followed by star sign revelation or a website word test.

That’s exactly what the NetWorker deck is; a utility item that is hidden in plain sight as a stack of business cards. Each and every card is completely unique and different, yet they contain hidden secrets.

The business cards are printed on premium quality stock with a protective matt finish, providing long-lasting durability for regular workers.

Each card has been machine cut to precision and is delivered in a bespoke plastic box that makes carrying your NetWorker deck simple and easily organised.

IMPORTANT: The business cards contain information from companies all over the world, making you look like you a serious ‘mover and shaker’ in your industry and giving the NetWorker deck world wide application.

In addition to the cards having world wide companies printed on them, the main effect (and most of the effects) can be performed in any language especially when images are concerned. However, one of the secondary drawing duplications is language dependant to English and the website word test is also written in English.

Along with the ‘Net-Worker’ deck you receive a 54 page eBook with 23 colour photographs and images that make every step of the process easy to understand.


In the eBook you will learn:

  • How to use the ‘NetWorker’ deck for a basic forcing routine
  • The process of leading someone to think of a famous person
  • How to read a participant’s mind and then instantly reveal their star sign or birth date
  • A way to allow the participant to randomly create an image and then replicate it
  • The method that will allow the participant to choose a random website and then a random word from that website and then tell them what word they are thinking of

Aside from the formal effects that are taught, I share with you a number of techniques and tips that will help you to get even more from this wonderful utility device. You may even generate even more business after using the ‘NetWorker’ deck.

What You Get:

A NetWorker deck – One deck containing 30 high quality Svengali business cards.

eBook – A 54 page eBook teaching you the basics, advanced subtleties, and a collection of strong effects.

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Physical Prop + PDF eBook


Close-Up, Corporate, Networking

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Invisible Prop, Utility Item, Business Generator

1 review for "NetWorker Deck"

  1. (verified owner):

    This deserves 5 stars on so many levels. All mentalists, particularly those working in the lucrative corporate market, take great pleasure in using business cards. Business cards are part of our industry, yet offer a superb tool with which we can work. Not only do they offer us the potential for a peek, or to write a prediction or revelation, but it means leaving the participant with something they will hopefully value while putting our contact details into their hands.

    All well and good, but that’s pretty much their limit.

    However, Paul Brook’s “NetWorker” offers a whole new use for a stack of business cards. Okay, it utilises an ancient principle – nothing wrong with that – but for the first time it allows the mentalist to use this principle in a way that allows the forcing of images for duplication, the forcing of words, and even allows you to divine a person’s star sign and date of birth, or the name of a famous individual. It is even possible to demonstrate a word test from the website displayed on the selected business card.

    As if all that were not enough, this effect is also a lovely marketing tool. The participant can use his own business card with a drawing of their choice to be added to your collection, giving the mentalist his contact details. I like that.

    The downside? Well, for me, the way that the information gained to reveal the star sign and date of birth is just a little bit convoluted for my taste. But that’s just me, and I openly admit it. Getting a direct ‘hit’ on the name of the famous person can miss – though this is no big deal for the experienced mentalist; if it falls short, as they know how to deal with it. But there again, that is only one of the many effects that can be achieved using this ingenious tool.

    As for the “props”, if they can be called that. A quick glance through them will make an impact on any participant, impressing them with the array of global companies and individuals you have worked with over the years. The business cards look good, feel good, and are built to last. Any self-respecting client would be delighted to have their card added to the collection.

    Additionally, as usual with Paul Brook’s stuff, the accompanying notes are comprehensive and informative. Offering a load of subtleties and suggestions.

    Make no mistake. This is a wonderful invention from the mind of Paul Brook. He has obviously worked long and hard – and gone to great lengths – in the production of the business cards to make this absolutely perfect. What more do you need? A pile of business cards that allows you to perform half a dozen different effects, and allows you to gather the contact details of potential clients.

    I have no doubt that anybody who enjoys the lucrative corporate market will get a great deal of use out of this. It’s simple, foolproof, beautifully constructed – both in presentation and physically – and offers a host of possibilities. A simple, yet sophisticated effect that works on so many levels for the corporate performer.

    And in my book, that deserves 5 stars. I think you’ll agree.

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