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Two In The Bush

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After finding a willing victim you place a business card face down on the table.

You then borrow two coins from the participant. On one coin is drawn a smiley face, on the other a big cross, these coins are given to the participant to inspect, and make sure she knows what is drawn on what coin.

The participant is told that you will both play a game where she has to find the coin with the smiley on, whilst a coin is hidden in each of the performer’s closed fists. Three games will be played, how many does she want to win?

She says two out of the three games.

The coins are mixed around in the performer’s hands, and for three games the participant dictates which games she wins and loses. Amazingly you have the ability to control the outcome of the coins to match what your participant requests. After three games the participant has indeed won two out of the three games like she wanted.

She is amazed by this, and very amused.

But here is the real kicker. Before the effect a business card was placed on the table and after placing it on the table you have never touched it. You ask the participant to turn it over and it says:

“You will want to win 2 out of the 3 games,

leaving Paul [or your name] with just 1 win!”

A very strong piece of mentalism that you can carry EVERYWHERE!

What You Get:

E-Book – A 44 page E-Book containing the secret to the effect, scripted routine, along with tried and tested subtleties.


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3 reviews for "Two In The Bush"

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    Two in the Bush is a great routine, you have thought of everything. The Dog Eared switch is fantastic and is something I will definitely be using.

  2. :

    Here’s another gem.

    Paul Brook sells lots of good mentalism stuff from this website. Within this manuscript Paul explains something called the ‘Dog-Eared Switch’, and it’s this specific detail that I’ve been raving about since I read it. In my opinion it is pure mentalism gold dust. It’s just gorgeous, and like many great ideas in mentalism it’s so simple only a genius would ever think of it.

    So what is it, exactly?

    Well, let’s just say it’s a brilliant subtlety that you’ll use forever, and that enables you to make brain-melting predictions that can’t be achieved any other way, at zero cost, with no props, just about anywhere.

    Given how much use a mentalist could get out of this one idea, I reckon Paul could justifiably sell it by itself for a hundred pounds.As it is, he’ll sell you the entire booklet for £15.

    A small price to pay for genius.

  3. :

    Impromptu killer mentalism!!! Enough said!

    But I will say more. This is an absolute gem of an effect. Two coins and a business card is all you need to engage your audience in a powerful demonstration.

    The subtleties used here are amazing and can be applied to many other things in mentalism. But my favorite new weapon is a switch that Paul explains. If I were him, I would probably feel a bit greedy and not share that.

    I like this a lot!

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